Brandon Marceal plays the flute.

Not your typical symphonic flute, but jazz flute, improvised flute and flute that fuses jazz with hip-hop, or jazz with R&B. Marceal has been a flutist for more than 25 years.

After moving to Atlanta in 2001 and playing open-mic nights at coffee shops, his music began to take off. He started playing professionally working with director Bryan Barber (Idlewild 2006) and artists like Patti LaBelle and Andre 3000 of OutKast. He’s graced the stage with violinist Ken Ford, saxophonist Mike Phillips, and Stellar Award winner, Dorinda Clark-Cole to name a few. Rapper Nicki Minaj has even taken notice of Marceal's awesome improvisational/freestyle skillz, having named him winner of the "Best of the Bass" competition after singling him out of thousands of submitted videos. Recently, casting producers from NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent” reached out to Marceal after viewing YouTube videos of him on the web.

“People ‘feel’ my music. ... My peers or people who listen to popular music from Kanye West to Wynton Marsalis,” Marceal said. “I like to cover radio hits. Introducing my skill set with these more recognizable songs helps to draw in my listeners.”

When Brandon Marceal plays flute, he creates a connection to the soul. Reminiscent of flutist, Bobbi Humphrey, the tone heard with every fluttering breath is enchanting and mesmerizing. Whether playing a cover tune or an original composition, each song is infused with a spirit and passion all its own. This freelance flautist is a force to be reckoned with on his flute.

His business, Soul Rockin’ Ent., distributes promotional CDs, books shows and offers performance, ear theory and improvisation lessons.